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Sequence Name View Certificate Details of Certification Certified Date Certification Authority
1 Corporate Love Supporter View 2007.10.02 Mayor of Gumi City
2 Registration of PC Spec TV Guide Panel(Black) 2011.06.12 LGD
3 Registration of UL 94 Flame Retardant Certification PC, All of PC/ABS Alloy products 2011.06.13 UL
4 ISO 9001-2015 View 2011.09.12 IAF(ISO)
5 Acquisition of 2 Patents of New P.E.P Products View 2016.01.04 Korean Intellectual Property Office
6 Registration of PC Spec TV Guide Panel(White) 2016.01.13 LGD
7 Company-affiliated Research Institute View 2016.11.03 Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology
8 Registration of INNO-BIZ (Innovative Small and Medium Enterprise) View 2017.06.07 Small and Medium Business Administration
9 Registration of PC Spec TV Guide Panel(Black) 2017.08.29 Heesung Electronics
10 Venture Company Confirmation View 2019.06.07 KIBO
11 Registration of PC Spec Note Book 2019.07.10 LGD