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Other Material

Grade By properties Applications Property Sheet MSDS SGS Data UL Resources
Category Subcategory Flame retardant or not By reinforcement Kor Eng Kor Eng Chi Registration 0.8t 1.6t 3.2t
PBT PT1000 General LED parts/ Bezels
PT1000F Flame retardant I/T OA, E&E Automotive
PT2151F Flame retardant GF15% Plug Jig
PT2301F Flame retardant GF30% LED Light and neon sign
PBT/ABS P3000 General Garnish exterior
PP PP1000 General Bobbins
PP1000F Flame retardant Body base of vacuum cleaner
PPG100 General GF10% Electrical/electronic parts
PPG300 General GF30% Electrical/electronic parts
PPT100 General MF10% Electrical/electronic parts
PPM400 General GF/MF40% Household appliances, aircon fan
PA6 PA6030 General GF30% Aircon Fan
PA66 PA6630 General GF30% Electric heater
NORYL PN5000 General Electrical/electronic parts
PN5000F Flame retardant Fuse Box
PN5100 General GF/MF10% Electrical/electronic parts
PN5100F Flame retardant GF/MF10% Electrical/electronic parts
PN5200 General GF/MF20% Auto parts, Radiator grill
PN5200F Flame retardant GF/MF20% Electrical/electronic parts
PN5250 General GF25% Auto parts, Radiator grill
GTX PX5000 General Electrical/electronic parts
HIPS PH1000 General General
PH1000F General TV B/Cover
PMMA PM1000 Various transparent products
ASA PAS10 General Weatherproof products
PAS20 Heat resistant Rear lamps
HDPE P2200J General Water supply system insulating material
LDPE PLE100F Flame retardant Wire terminal box
PET PET100 Injection construction
PPA PA6000 Injection Tablet PC, others
TPE TE7000 General Rubber packings