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With our technologies accumulated for the past 50 years,
technological innovation, and unique competitive edge,
we will reward our customers for their support with faith and trust

Business Purpose

The plastic industry has been making great strides as a key industry in various industry sectors such as electricity, electronics, automobiles, chemical fibers, household items et al.
However, in accordance with rapid changes and demands of the industrial environment, the necessity for development of applied technologies such as new material, new purpose of use et al has been increasing more and more
In line with such changes in the plastic material industry, especially in order to contribute to the plastic material processing field of vulnerable engineering industry, we produce and supply general compounding materials and specialized functional compounding materials.

Based on our application technology of engineering plastic material of more than 50 years and application technology of engineering plastics accumulated over many years, we will endeavor to develop new products and strive for ceaseless technological innovation and cost reduction in order to meet various needs from customers, thereby supplying products having the global competitiveness.